Introduction and Advanced Cryptography

Instructor: Bruce Schneier, author of Applied Cryptography
President, Counterpane Systems

March 24, 1997......................Copenhagen Center of Science, Copenhagen, Denmark

March 26, 1997......................Kenilworth Hotel, London, England

1-Day Seminar: Lecture

This course is an overview of cryptography with a half day for the introductory aspects of cryptography, and a half day for advanced cryptography technology. Attendees will learn the role cryptography should play in an overall security solution.

The introduction to cryptography will discuss fundamentals, including the advantages of public and private key systems, cryptographic algorithms, cryptographic keys and distribution systems, and some of the criteria that should be used when selecting cryptography for your environment.

Who Should Attend
Information security managers, system and network administrators, consultants, technical staff, and developers who need to learn about cryptography.

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