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Combined Organization Seeks to Enhance Services to Individuals

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. and SANTA CLARA, Calif. (September 30, 1996) - The Open Group and the UniForum Association, two leading organizations for the advancement of open systems, today announced that they have signed a letter of intent to combine their respective operations to enhance education, publication, advocacy and technical support services for open systems developers, suppliers and customers. The final agreement will be subject to approval of the two boards of directors on behalf of their respective members.

Under the terms of the proposed agreement, the two groups would combine staff and operations under The Open Group by the end of March 1997. UniForum would retain an independent board of directors with continuing responsibility for providing open system services to its members. The ongoing activities of the UniForum Association would continue to be managed from Silicon Valley with new, expanded operations from current Open Group locations in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Reading, England; Tokyo, Japan and elsewhere.

According to Joseph De Feo, who officially begins his tenure as The Open Group's new CEO in November, the new, closer relationship with the UniForum Association represents an opportunity for both organizations to provide more focused leadership for the advancement of open computing solutions.

"At a time when the explosive growth of the Internet and electronic commerce are highlighting the importance of genuinely open information solutions to the future of information systems, our new affiliation with UniForum signals the commitment of both organizations to work together to provide real-world solutions for customers," De Feo said. "By working as a single entity for the advancement of open systems, we believe the real winners will be the individuals and organizations who count on open systems as their enterprise computing strategy of choice."

After completing a final agreement, The UniForum Association board of directors, which represents individual open systems developers and end-users rather than companies, would work in cooperation with the board of The Open Group to continue to deliver UniForum programs and services, including the annual UniForum open systems trade show and conference, and publications such as UniForum's IT Solutions. Current and future UniForum members would continue to have the same member privileges they presently enjoy plus new benefits associated with UniForum's merger of operations with The Open Group.

UniForum board president, Michael Tilson, who is also Chief Information Officer at SCO, emphasized that the goal of the combination is to provide maximum possible benefit for individual developers and end-users.

"The UniForum board believes very strongly that our new relationship with The Open Group will mean better service for all our core constituencies, especially the professionals who use and build open systems," Tilson said. "UniForum provides The Open Group with a powerful channel for communication and interaction with the community of individuals in addition to their current vendor based membership. Our mutual objective is to further the cause of open systems."

UniForum, the International Association of Open Systems Professionals, is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1980 and based in Santa Clara, California. The originator of the POSIX open systems standard, UniForum today has over 4,000 members, all individual professionals, and 30,000 subscribers to its magazine, UniForum's IT Solutions. Central to UniForum's mission is the delivery of high-quality educational programs, trade shows and conferences, publications, on-line services and peer group discussions.

The Open Group is an international consortium of systems vendors, software vendors and customers, dedicated to the advancement of multi-vendor information systems. Under the umbrella of The Open Group, the Open Software Foundation (OSF) and X/Open Company Ltd. (X/Open) work together to provide a focal point for the development of standards based technologies, specifications, test suites, branding, advanced open systems research, and professional services. The Open Group's brand mark is recognized worldwide and is a guarantee of compliance to open systems specifications. The Open Group is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, with European headquarters in Reading, England and offices in Menlo Park, CA; Washington, DC; Brussels, Belgium; Grenoble, France; and Tokyo, Japan.

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