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Richard R. Shippee Named New Director of Communications

October 26, 1996 - Santa Clara, CA - The UniForum Association has named Richard R. Shippee to the new position of Director of Communications. He has been Director of Publications since 1993, when he joined the organization.

As Director of Communications Mr. Shippee will have day to day responsibility for the Association's publications, marketing and corporate communications. He retains the title of Publisher for the Association's flagship magazine, UniForum's IT Solutions, with its international circulation of 30,000 copies.

In addition to UniForum's IT Solutions, Mr. Shippee also directs UniNews online, the association's newsletter on the World Wide Web; the annual Open Systems Products Directory CD-ROM; and the UniForum series of technical guides. He is also publisher of UniForum Press, a book publishing joint venture with Prentice Hall PTR.

Mr. Shippee's new responsibilities include directing membership and corporate sponsorship programs, including outbound communications to 4,200 individual members along with 70 corporate sponsors and 30 affiliate groups worldwide. New member and retention programs fall within this mix, as do new memberhip and sponsorship benefit packages.

He is also responsible for all marketing communications, and conference program promotion regarding the annual UniForum Conference and Tradeshow, scheduled for March 10-14, 1997 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. In this role he is the Association's liaison with the Show Management company, Softbank Comdex, Inc., as well as with independent organizations sponsoring tutorials, workshops and special programs at the event in March.

Prior to UniForum, Mr. Shippee was Associated Publisher with the IEEE Communications Society, in New York City.

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