New Member of Our Corporate Family

MTI joins UniForum's Corporate Sponsorship Program

UniForum is pleased to welcome MTI Technology Corp. of Anaheim, CA, as a corporate sponsor. MTI has received more than 40 RAID patents and is a major supplier of high-performance, cross-platform data storage management solutions for the enterprise. The company's executive team includes Raymond J. Noorda, who has been chairman of the board since 1987 when he and vice chairman Steven Hamerslag acquired MTI; and Earl Peralman, president and CEO. You can visit MTI's Web site at

UniForum's sponsors--both vendor and end-user companies--form the corporate backbone of the Association and allow us to continue our work as the leading proponent of open systems. Sponsoring companies receive memberships for a number of their employees, as well as several corporate marketing benefits.

For more information on this program, please contact UniForum at (408) 986-8840, or visit us online at

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