SCO and CMG Mini-Conferences at UniForum '97

Popular "Taste of" forums showcased at this year's show

Continuing its tradition of offering the best selections from other leading conferences, UniForum '97 once again welcomes A Taste of SCO Forum and A Taste of CMG. Both programs will offer full-day, multi-session mini-conferences free to all UniForum '97 registrants. In these programs, SCO and the Computer Measurement Group (CMG) will present popular sessions from their annual conferences as a free benefit to UniForum '97 registrants. Those wishing to attend either or both of these events held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco must first register to attend UniForum '97. Seating at each of the forums is first come, first served.

A Taste of SCO Forum
A Taste of SCO Forum, sponsored by SCO of Santa Cruz California, features a broad range of courses on key business and engineering IT topics affecting the international information systems industry, and provides in-depth, code-level previews of SCO's upcoming products and technologies. This sampling of SCO Forum sessions at UniForum '97 is slated for Wednesday, Mar. 12, 1997, from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The annual SCO Forum event, held in August, places IT professionals in a university atmosphere at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The extensive conference program is grouped around course "majors," providing a comprehensive learning experience for various areas of interest.

The sessions will emphasize using proven methodologies to produce practical applications that yield measurable results.

A Taste of CMG
The Computer Measurement Group (CMG), based in Westmont, IL, will host A Taste of CMG on Thursday, Mar. 13, from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The program will feature some of the very best tracks from CMG's annual conference. Any IT professional charged with the measurement or management of computer systems and networks, from a performance and bandwidth capacity or cost recovery standpoint, should plan to attend. The sessions will emphasize using proven methodologies to produce practical applications that yield measurable results. In particular, attendees will gain valuable insight into the challenges of ensuring "bandwidth on demand" as emerging applications for PCs, and the role of servers in feeding the ever-increasing need for computing power.

"We at CMG are really excited to be a 'strategic partner' with UniForum '97," says Dr. Bernie Domanski, president of CMG. "We think it's great that both sets of audiences (CMG and UniForum) can benefit from 'best-of-breed' presentations addressing the critical issues facing IT professionals today in systems management. From designing performance into an evolving mission-critical distributed application to measuring and modeling large, heterogeneous client/server environments, we're sure that A Taste of CMG at UniForum '97 will be super!"

CMG is a non-profit, worldwide organization of data processing professionals committed to the measurement and management of computer systems. CMG holds an international technical conference each year in the United States, with the next event scheduled in Orlando this December.

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