Free Service to UniForum Corporate Sponsors

Expanding or moving your business? Use site location service

Finding affordable labor, the right kind of facility, the costs of T-1 lines, free training programs and other community incentives are just a few of the things you have to do when evaluating potential sites for a business operation. Until recently, discovering the right place was both time-consuming and expensive.

Now, through a special arrangement between UniForum and Plant Site Locators (PSL), Corporate Sponsors can make use of a free service that can be worth thousands of dollars. The PSL program allows you to evaluate hundreds of communities in the U.S., Canada and England, based on any selection criteria you choose. These are pro-business communities that want new company locations and support the PSL program through membership fees. By using PSL as an intermediary, your company will have specific information on dozens of operating cost variables--from a large pool of communities--without divulging your corporate identity.

Simply fill out a search questionnaire and send it to PSL. The company contacts communities located in your geographic area of interest. According to PSL president Craig Throckmorton "Communities usually return their answers and location incentive proposals to the call center within a couple of weeks. PSL combines the separate proposals and information into a finished search report and returns it to you. PSL will continue to provide search assistance until you are ready to make direct contact with community officials." There is never a charge for this service.

For more information on the PSL program, or how your company can join UniForum's Corporate Sponsor program, contact Barbara Myers at (408) 986-8840, ext. 26 (or e-mail

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