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WGS Linux Pro plus a PC creates a personal Unix workstation and a powerful server!

If you don't know what Linux is, it's time you did.

Now that UNIX is a specification, Linux is what Unix has always been and what it is becoming! The full source code for the entire OS, and all the software to do everything in this ad and more is included. If needed, you can even repair your UNIX System with it!

In short, Linux makes any 386 or higher PC into a personal workstation, and/or a powerful server. Among Internet service provider (ISP) sites, Linux is the second most used operating system after SunOS and Solaris combined.

Linux executes SCO Unix, UnixWare, DOS and with add-ons, Macintosh and MS-Windows programs. WGS Linux Pro includes every Unix command and utility you've ever heard of, including X-Windows, TCP/IP, NFS, WWW Server, C, C++, Lisp, Fortran, Perl, Smalltalk, and much more--over 1.8 GB in all!

WGS Linux Pro includes a 1200-page manual with complete documentation, the primary WGS Linux Pro CD and 3 supplemental CDs containing all the latest software available of Linux. You need to have a 386 or higher Intel PC with at least 4MB Ram, 80MB HD, 3.5" 1.44MB Floppy drive as A:, and a CD-ROM drive.

Purchase the easiest to install, easiest to administer; most capable, most complete, most stable, most professional, and best supported Linux of them all at a special UniForum negotiated price of $59, 40% off the $99 retail price.

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