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Diverse Training Capabilities


UniForum Technology Training Institute provides training for the novice to the expert; from the system administrator to the CIO; for small companies to large corporations ---- presented as a lecture or in a hands-on workshop environment.

Courses Offered


To follow is a sampling of courses UniForum offers for 6 or more attendees. Customized corporate training is available. For more information, call Deb Murray, 1-888-333-8649, or email:

INTERNET, INTRANET AND WEB-RELATED COURSES: Activating the Internet and Intranet Using Java and ActiveX Advanced CGI and Web Programming in Perl ASP Building, Managing and Protecting E-Commerce Sites Building and Designing your Enterprise Web Server Cascading Style Sheets CGI Programming (*all levels) ColdFusion Community Building Online Deploying DNS and Sendmail Designing and Building Extranets Designing Low Bandwidth Web Sites Designing Multimedia Pages Developing and Implementing an Intranet Dreamweaver DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language) HTML Authoring and CGI Programming (*all levels) HTML and Java Script Installing and Managing Apache Internet Security: Firewalls, Encryption and Authentication Intranet Networks and Servers Manager's View of the Intranet and the Internet Photoshop Using Databases on the Web Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Web Development Intensive Training Series Web Graphics and Design (*all levels) Web and Internet Security (*all levels) Web Site Architecture XML XSLT

Bourne Shell Programming C and C++ Programming (*all levels) Introduction to ANSI C Programming Java Programming (*all levels) Perl Programming - UNIX and Win32 (*all levels) Object Oriented Computing (*all levels) Tcl/TK UNIX Programming with C Visual Basic 6.0

Bourne Shell Programming C and C++ Programming (*all levels) Introduction to ANSI C Programming Java Programming (*all levels) Perl Programming - UNIX and Win32 (*all levels) Object Oriented Computing (*all levels) Tcl/TK UNIX Programming with C Visual Basic 6.0

Advanced UNIX and Internet Security ActiveX and Java Security Advanced Intrusion Detection BioTerrorism (contamination disposal, decontamination policies and management) Building Secure E-Commerce Storefronts Building and Securing Internet Firewalls Computer Crime Investigation Cryptography (*all levels) CyberTerrorism - Protecting your Environment Disaster Recovery & Planning E-Forensics: A Clinic in Systems Security Practices Fundamentals of Web Security Incident Response and Reporting Internet Security: Firewalls, Encryption and Authentication Linux Security Mastering Internet Security Network Security (*all levels) Privacy Issues and the Law PKI Secure Remote Access Securing IIS Web Servers Securing Networks and Intranets for the 21st Century Security Policy Design and Implementation System Security Protection and Planning Understanding Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Trust Services, and Secure E-commerce UNIX Security (*all levels) UNIX Security Threats UNIX System Audit Web and Internet Security Windows 2000 Security Windows NT Security (*all levels) Windows XP Security Writing Secure Programs

Advanced System Administration (Solaris, NT or UNIX) Analyzing Broadband Networks - ISDN, Frame Relay, SMDS and ATM Building an Infrastructure for Network Centric Applications Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Implementing IPv6 - Migrating to the Next Generation Internet Protocol Implementing TCP/IP Networks Internetwork Design and Analysis - LANs, WANs and Broadband Networks Managing Internetworks with SNMP and RMON Network and System Administration (*all levels) Optimizing Networks for the 21st Century System Performance Management & Tuning (*all levels) Troubleshooting TCP/IP - Analyzing the Protocols of the Internet Upgrading and Supporting Networks Using UNIX Networks Voice and Video over IP: Architectures, Protocol and Standards

A Detailed Look at Object Transaction Monitors Application Building: Component Technologies for the 21st Century Computer Disposal and DeSanitization Cyberspace Emergency Planning and Management Cyberterrorism - Protecting your Environment Data Warehousing Series (Concepts, Architecture, Planning, Information Access, Mgmt.) Developing and Integrating Enterprise Applications with Middleware Solutions Enterprise Java and CORBA Mass Storage Technology Problem Solving with Shell Scripts Relational Database Design and Implementation Service Level Management - The Real World Understanding Middleware

LINUX COURSES (all distributions):
Installing and Using Linux Integrating Linux with your Enterprise Introduction to Real Time Linux Programming Learning Linux for NT Administrators Learning Linux in Two Days (for UNIX Administrators) Linux Application Programming Linux Architecture Linux Development for PDA's Linux Device Driver Development Linux Kernel Internals Linux System Administration Linux TCP/IP Mastering Linux: Advanced Techniques Linux Troubleshooting RT Linux Graphic Interfaces Securing Linux Setting Up an Intranet Server using Linux

UNIX COURSES (all distributions):
Solaris (System Administration I and II, Security Administration) Understanding UNIX UNIX Kernel Internals UNIX and NT Interoperability and Integration (including migration) UNIX Overview UNIX Network Programming UNIX Security (*all levels) UNIX Security Threats UNIX System Administration (*all levels) UNIX System Audit UNIX Security Tools Using UNIX Networks

Over 150 On-Line Courses Offered Within the Following Categories (self-paced learning):(

  • Access 2000

  • Active Server Pages 3.0
  • Actuate 5.0
  • Adobe Acrobat 4.0
  • C Programming and C++ Programming
  • CGI/Perl Programming
  • Client/Server Concepts
  • Computer Basics
  • Data Modeling
  • Developing COM Components
  • Director 8
  • Dreamweaver 3.0
  • E-commerce
  • E-mail and Browsing Concepts
  • Excel 2000
  • Flash 4.0
  • Hardware Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • HTML Programming
  • Illustrator 9.0
  • Instructional Design Concepts
  • Internet Basics
  • Java 2 - Advanced Programming
  • Java Programming - Introductory to Intermediate
  • Java Beans and JavaScript Programming
  • LAN/WAN Basics
  • Linux Fundamentals (RedHat)
  • Linux System Administration
  • Lotus Notes 5.0
  • Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000
  • Network +
  • Network Security
  • NT Server 4.0
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Office XP: Excel 2002, Outlook 2002, Overview, Powerpoint 2002, Word 2002
  • Oracle Performance Tuning
  • Oracle PL/SQL Programming
  • Oracle 8 Administration
  • Oracle 8 Backup and Recovery
  • Oracle 8 Data Warehousing
  • Oracle 8 Network Administration
  • Photoshop 5.5
  • Photoshop 6.0
  • PowerPoint 2000
  • Programming Logic and Techniques
  • Project 2000
  • Project Management
  • Publisher 2000
  • Relational Database Fundamentals
  • Requirements and Solutions Architecture
  • Site Server 3.0 and Commerce Edition
  • SQL Programming
  • SQL Server 7.0, Administration, Data Warehousing, Implementation
  • System Analysis and Design
  • TCP/IP
  • Transaction Server 2.0
  • VB 6.0 Database Programming, Internet Fundamentals, Programming Fundamentals
  • VB Script and ActiveX
  • Visual InterDev 6.0
  • Web Server Fundamentals
  • Windows 98
  • Windows NT Workstation 4.0
  • Windows 2000
  • Word 2000
  • XML Programming

    A Strategic Overview of the Top Technologists in the Industry Best of the Web: Successful Business Strategies on the Web Capitalizing on Electronic Commerce Business Successful Internet Marketing Technology Training Management (Helping you to develop, market and promote your training)

    Effective Customer Service Executive IT Management Skills Motivational Speaking for IT Professionals - "Importance of Excellence in the Workplace" Project Management for Technical Professionals Team Building for Technical Professionals Techniques of Instruction - "Train-the-Trainer"

    Courseware Development:
    Customized courseware
    On-line courseware
    Instructor-led courseware
    CBT and WBT courseware
    Needs Assessment and Analysis
    *all levels denotes: introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels

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