Maximize your training budget...add convenience, consistently high quality training and flexibility...for a fraction of the cost of sending employees to public seminars. Your training can even be customized to meet your unique needs! You'll receive first-class training from world-class instructors. UniForum provides the ultimate learning experience in Open Systems technology in a non-biased forum.


To follow is a sampling of courses offered (customized courses are available upon request):

Internet, Intranet and Web-related Courses:

Activating the Internet and Intranet Using Java and ActiveX
Advanced CGI and Web Programming in Perl
Best of the Web: Successful Business Strategies on the Web
Building and Designing your Enterprise World Wide Web Server
Building Internet Firewalls
Capitalizing on Electronic Commerce Business
Designing Low Bandwidth Web Sites
Effective Advertising for your Web Site
HTML Authoring (all levels)
How to Develop an Electronic Commerce Infrastructure and Set up an Extranet
Internet Security: Firewalls, Encryption and Authentication
Manager's View of the Intranet and the Internet
Using Databases on the Web
Using the Internet for Your Personal, Professional and Business Benefit
Web and Internet Security (all levels)

Programming Courses:

Accelerated Java Programming
Accelerated Perl Programming
Advanced CGI and Web Programming in Perl
CGI Programming
Perl Jumpstart
Advanced C
Perl Programming (Unix and Win32)
Java Programming (all levels)
Moving from C to C++
Intro to vi
Advanced vi

Security Courses:

Advanced Unix and Internet Security
Basics of Unix Security
Building Secure Electronic Storefronts
Cryptography (all levels)
Building Internet Firewalls
Securing Solaris
Security Policy Design and Implementation
System Security in a Unix Network Environment
Unix Security (all levels)
Web and Internet Security
Windows NT Security (all levels)

Unix Courses:

Integrating Unix and Windows NT
Unix Kernel Internals
Unix Security (all levels)
Using Unix Networks

Other Courses:

Building an Infrastructure for Network Centric Applications
Building the Enterprise Computing Architecture for the 90's
Data Warehousing
Disaster Recovery, Back-up and Planning
Implementing Client/Server Technology
Leading Development Tools for the Networked Environment
Network and System Administration
Performance Management and Tuning (all levels)
Practical Guide for Architecting and Designing Enterprise Distributed


Solaris System Administration
TCP/IP Administration
Team Building for Technical Professionals
Techniques of Instruction
Understanding the Network Computer
Windows NT Administration
Windows NT Core Technologies
Windows NT Security (all levels)



On-site training saves you money and eliminates costly travel and accommodation expenses. You'll receive the same high-quality training from world class instructors at your location and at your convenience.

For more information, please call Deb Murray, 1-408-662-9164.

UniForum guarantees all training.

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