Megamind, the UniForum Training Subsidiary offers the following Linux training on-site, for a minimum of 6 attendees.  For more information, call Deb Murray 1-888-333-8649 or send an e-mail to:

LINUX COURSES (all distributions):

  • Installing and Using Linux
  • Integrating Linux with your Enterprise
  • Introduction to Real Time Linux Programming
  • Learning Linux for NT Administrators
  • Learning Linux in Two Days (for UNIX Administrators)
  • Linux Application Programming
  • Linux Architecture
  • Linux Development for PDA's
  • Linux Device Driver Development
  • Linux Kernel Internals
  • Linux System Administration
  • Linux TCP/IP
  • Mastering Linux: Advanced Techniques
  • Linux Troubleshooting
  • RT Linux Graphic Interfaces
  • Securing Linux
  • Setting Up an Intranet Server using Linux

    Megamind, an Institute for Advanced Technology Training
    Please visit our dedicated training site for the latest information about upcoming public, on-site, certification and e-learning training programs.
          or call Deb Murray, 1-888-333-8649 to learn more.

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