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August 31, 2000 ---- Silicon Valley, CA. --- Megamind, an Institute for Advanced Technology Training (formerly the Institute for Technology Training and Excellence) announced today plans to expand its operation with satellite offices opening throughout the country.Initial new offices in Arizona and Maryland will help to serve existing clients and training partners.

Responding to Tomorrowís Need Today
Megamind is aggressively moving forward to meet the training needs of their existing clients and the general public.Known for providing courses in pre-emerging technology, the institute also has a base of more than 350 core topics including Linux, UNIX, Java, programming languages, and computer security and is continually expanding its course offerings.

As a vendor neutral institute, Megamind's attendees learn the real facts about technology presented in an unbiased forum.Megamindís instructors are full-time practitioners who are considered to be the leading experts within their technology field.Expert instructors include:Dr. Gene Schultz, CIPPS, Trusted Security Advisor and Secretary to the U.S. Presidentís Advisory Council for Computer Intrusion Detection; Dr. Robert Williams, an author with over 20 years UNIX experience and a Managing Partner for Enterprise Certified Corporation; and Molly E. Holzschlag, noted Web author, designer and Managing Executive Editor for Web Review Magazine, and many others.

Megamind provides public, onsite, WBT, and certification training worldwide.The institute will continue to offer a sampling of their courses to the general public, but the main focus continues to be as a provider of customized onsite training worldwide.Current clients include: the Clorox Company, Compaq Computers, Intershop Communications, U.S. Department of Energy, Sony Corporation, Deere & Company, Mylex Corporation, American Family Insurance, and
Booz ●Allen & Hamilton.

In addition to onsite training, Megamind will continue to provide education programs to conference organizers. UniForum/Megamind conference tracks and tutorials are featured at the LinuxWorld Conference, IBM/Sequent Userís Conference, and Hewlett-Packard Open World Conference.Megamind has been providing a variety of Linux education for the past two years, including: Learning Linux in Two Days, Linux Device Driver Development, Creating Data Driven Web Sites using PHP under Linux, Installing and Using a Java Development Environment on Linux, Linux Bootcamp, Linux System Administration, Linux Clustering, and Linux Security.

About the Institute and the UniForum Association:
Founded in 1996, Megamind ( serves as the training subsidiary of the UniForum Association, a not-for-profit, vendor-neutral association with organizational offices worldwide.UniForum ( was founded in 1981 to address the concerns of the rapidly emerging UNIX technology and open systems in general.During its 19 years of service, UniForum has served as an advocate to promote open computing, to provide standards development and to encourage educational services.UniForum continues today to educate thousands of IT professionals worldwide about the advances of technology and its practical use through its training subsidiary, Megamind, an Institute for Advanced Technology Training.
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