Prime Time Freeware for UNIX (PTF4U), Issue 3-1

ISBN 1-881957-04-7; Rich Morin, Editor

The following information was provided by Prime Time Freeware, the editors of the CD-ROM. UniForum members can purchase this disk through the association at a reduced price.

PTF4U now provides about 50% more "Interesting Source Code for Adventurous Programmers". By using GNU zip, we are able to ship 5 gigabytes (5000 MB) of source code in the two-disc set. Issue 3-1 contains updated versions of most of the packages found on previous PTF issues. It also contains nearly 100 *new* packages.

To build Issue 3-1, we started with PTF4U 2-1 and 2-2, updating everything to the latest versions we could find. Then we added dozens of new packages. In order to make everything fit, however, we decided to omit the UK TeX Archive.

Once again, we are pleased that there is no increase in price. We take our motto (Quality freeware; affordable prices) very seriously. By delivering two discs of GNU zipped archives, we can give you a LOT of software for your money. We want to be your favorite distributor of UNIX-related freeware; send us ( your comments and suggestions. Now for the details:

  1. Issue 3-1 consists of two ISO-9660 CD-ROMs, bound into a 100+ page book. Each disc contains 600 MB of compressed archives, notes, etc. The issue unpacks to about 5 gigabytes (5000 MB).
  2. It is primarily a collection of UNIX-related freeware source code. Here are the larger (>5 MB) items, with their GNU zipped sizes:

 KB/gz  Directory Name		        Package Name
 =====  ==============		        ============

 81007  math/netlib                     Netlib - math and simulation archive
 54318  window/x11/r5/mit               X Window System, Version 11
 50054  icot                            ICOT Free Software
 47202  science/geog/grass              GRASS - geographic system
 46872  window/i_views                  InterViews - window-based appl. env.
 46555  language/modula_3/src           SRC Modula-3
 32928  language/lisp/scheme/scheme     Scheme for assorted machines
 31663  math/stat/statlib               StatLib Archive
 21795  language/arjuna                 Arjuna - dist. computing pgm. system
 19635  cad/ee/ptolemy                  Ptolemy - hardware sim. env. workbench
 19588  gnu/djgpp                       G++ for MSDOS
 19119  language/tcl/contrib            Tcl/Tk Contrib Archive
 17502  language/ml/smlnj               SML/NJ - Standard ML of New Jersey
 17424  gnu/cygnus/progress             Cygnus Prog. Release of Dev. Tools
 15184  datacomm/network/isode          ISODE - ISO Development Environment
 14332  language/c/gcc                  gcc - GNU C compiler
 14213  database/postgres/postgres      POSTGRES - Advanced Relational DBMS
 12541  desktop/s_sheet/analy           Analy* - spreadsheet, DBMS, ...
 12104  language/lisp/t                 T - dialect of Lisp derived from SCHEME
 11813  misc/rsk                        RSK's Grab Bag
 11360  os/oberon                       The Oberon system
 10798  language/self                   The Self Programming Language
  9541  docprep/edit/emacs/gnu          GNU Emacs - extensible editing system
  9481  language/aspect                 ASpecT - Logic Functional pgm. language
  8384  os/andrew                       The Andrew Distribution
  8066  cad/ee/alliance                 ALLIANCE - Digital CMOS VLSI tools
  7979  cad/ee/ocean                    OCEAN -  Sea-of-Gates Design System
  7681  language/haskell/glasgow        Glasgow Haskell Compiler
  7435  window/x11/gopath               GoPATH - application dev. environment
  7303  science/geog/gmt                GMT - Generic Mapping Tools
  7241  math/gap                        GAP - Groups, Algorithms and Pgm.
  7163  database/exodus                 E/Exodus - EXODUS Database Toolkit
  7109  docprep/edit/emacs/lucid        Lucid GNU Emacs - a modified GNU EMACS
  7024  language/s_talk/library/msgl    Manchester Smalltalk Goodies Library
  6998  audio/af                        AudioFile - distributed audio server
  6928  language/clu/clu                The CLU Programming Language
  6697  language/c/gdb                  GDB - GNU debugger
  6674  language/lisp/feel              Feel - Free and Eventually Eulisp
  6669  docprep/edit/emacs/lisp/archive GNU Emacs Lisp Archive
  6321  graphics/img_proc/ccs           CCS - Complex Conversion System
  5858  language/lisp/common/cmu        CMU Common Lisp
  5650  cad/ee/magic                    Magic - interactive VLSI layout editor
  5487  graphics/render/wframe          wframe - 3D wireframe viewer/renderer
  5459  graphics/render/gvl             GVL -  AHPCRC Graphics and Vis. Lab
  5434  docprep/misc/maestro            MAEstro - Multimedia Authoring Env.
  5404  language/sather                 The Sather Programming Language
  5016  language/icon/icon              Icon interpreter, documentation, etc.