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UniForum Addresses the Critical Demand for Linux Training ----
Announces Linux Device Drivers and Kernel Technical Workshop Series

August 9, 1999 --------San Jose, California ---- UniForum Technology Training Institute, one of the foremost providers of Linux training, announced today their intent to provide the next level of Linux Training: The Linux Intensive Training Series Workshop. As one of the first organizations to provide all distributions of Linux training, UniForum began its Linux training program in the Fall '98.

The Linux Intensive Training Series Workshop scheduled to begin November 15-19, 1999 in San Jose, CA, consists of the following hands-on courses: Linux Boot Camp (1-day), Linux System Administration (2-days), and an Introduction to Linux Device Drivers and the Linux Kernel (2-days).

In five days, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of Linux essentials (file systems and commands); the "how-to" knowledge required to administer and troubleshoot Linux; the ability to design, build, and debug a Linux Device Driver; and an understanding of the Linux Kernel.

Learning Linux in Two Days Workshop Continues

UniForum is continuing to present its popular, Learning Linux in Two Days Hands-on Workshop publicly and on-site worldwide. This accelerated hands-on workshop features installing, administering, securing, and integrating five distributions of Linux in only two days. It will be featured at the upcoming Hewlett Packard '99 World Conference, August 15-16, 1999, where Linus Torvalds will make a special guest appearance.

As a recognized voice in the open systems community, UniForum continues today to educate and inform IT professionals about the advances of technology and its practical use. "The Linux Intensive Training Workshop Series" is very complementary to UniForum's mission to provide our members with the highest quality and innovative training available today in an unbiased forum" stated Alan Fedder, President of the UniForum Association.


About the UniForum Technology Training Institute

Based in the Silicon Valley, the UniForum Technology Training Institute is the training subsidiary of the UniForum Association, founded in 1981 as a vendor-neutral, not-for-profit organization with organizational offices worldwide. Established in 1996, the UniForum Technology Training Institute has trained thousands of IT professionals via public, and customized corporate on-site training throughout the world.