1997 Open Group Symposium at UniForum

Sixth Research Institute meeting to be held at UniForum '97

For the first time, The Open Group's Research Institute (RI) will hold its annual public Research Symposium in conjunction with the UniForum '97 conference and trade show, Mar. 10-14 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. This two-day event (Mar. 11-12) will provide first-hand exposure to recent software research directions and results in scalability, distribution/mobility, realtime, fault tolerance, security and high assurance. The symposium offers a forum for key researchers in these fields to present and explain their work in person. The RI's own investigations--based on the World Wide Web, Java, ActiveX and microkernel-based operating-system technology--will also be explored.

"The symposium will be of interest to anyone who wishes to understand current systems technology developments."

Research Institute vice president Paul Dale will host over two dozen speakers, including researchers and technologists from industry and major end-user companies which have benefited from employing the leading-edge results of the RI's work. The symposium is being organized in such a way as to encourage participants to follow up with the presenters directly on projects of interest.

The symposium will be of interest to anyone who wishes to understand current systems technology developments designed to provide ubiquitous access to unlimited computation and information. Software designers and managers, systems integrators and end-users should be especially interested in attending.

Something for Everyone
The symposium is organized into four sessions:

Advanced Operating Systems
Distributed realtime support for complex, multistage applications
Fault-tolerance in realtime systems
High assurance
Microkernel-based Linux

Web and Security Research
Enterprise security
Trust models and authorization for distributed groups and roles
Collaboration and visualization
Approaches to mobility
Web servers for the enterprise

Portability and Interoperability: Java
Compiler and optimization techniques
Java-based Internet appliances
Java realtime and security
Distributed and migrating objects
Distributed programming in Java

Interoperability: Future Directions for ActiveX
This session will highlight the projects in process and the research directions based on this technology.

The cost for the two-day event is $150 for academics, $300 for Research Institute members and $600 for non-members (lunch is included both days). To register, please send a fax to (408) 986-1645 or e-mail pubs@uniforum.org and request a UniForum '97 registration form. Online registration will be available starting Dec. 6 at http://www.uniforum97.com.

Working collaboratively with academia and industry, The Open Group Research Institute (RI) investigates the software technology needed to improve the scalability, portability, interoperability and usability of computer systems. Its engineering teams work to develop new operating-system and distributed-computing technology that provides easy access to information and computational capability. The results of the RI's work is source code that serves as a foundation on which products can be built.

According to RI vice president Dale, "some of the RI's recent accomplishments include the development of a microkernel-based version of Linux (MkLinux); distributed realtime fault-tolerant operating systems; secure enterprise Web technology; groupware for the Web; new trust policies and languages that can be used to express them; 'lite' environments for Java execution; new 'better than just-in-time' Java compiler technology; and an infrastructure for distributed/mobile Java objects."

For more information on the Research Institute Symposium, visit The Open Group's Web site at http://www.opengroup.org.

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