Alan Fedder to Consult for
UniForum Affiliate Relations

Alan Fedder, executive director of the Washington Area UNIX Users Group (WAUUG), and one of UniForum's most active and influential members, has agreed to represent UniForum as a consultant to the organization's 30+ affiliates around the world.

Alan, who has served UniForum as an affiliate representative, an ex officio member of the Board of Directors, and currently as a full Member of the UniForum Board, has been vocal in his support of UniForum's affiliate program and for the need to enhance its value to both affiliates and UniForum.

Alan will be stepping down from the Board, at the end of his term in June, to be able to devote more time to his consulting duties on behalf of UniForum. In addition to working on affiliate relations, Alan will also consult for UniForum's Education and Training Department in the area of on-site training, an area of considerable interest and potential growth for the Association. Future issue of UniNews online will focus on this effort.

Alan's work with the affiliates will coincide with a new Affiliates Program and Agreement, which he helped review, and which is soon to be released to the affiliates for implementation. Alan's mission will be to assist the affiliates with the new agreement, in particular to encourage them to take advantage of a number of new benefits and to promote joint membership growth. He'll also be on the look-out for opportunities to help new affiliates get organized.

Alan's background with WAUUG, one of UniForum's largest affiliates, and his intimate knowledge of UniForum's programs and strategies, makes him the ideal choice as UniForum's first affiliate relations consultant. Alan can be reached at 410-715-9500, or in care of AIF Associates, Inc., 10440 Shaker Drive, #203, Columbia, MD. 21046; and by e-mail to Watch for more affiliate news regarding Alan's activities in future issues of UniNews online.


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