The Object/Internet Industry Rolls Out 1997 OOTS Series; "Roadmap to Distributed Object Computing and the Internet"

As the Distributed Object Computing/Internet forum dedicated to building industry specific "roadmaps", The OBJECTive Technology Group (The OTG), along with 40+ of industry's top solution providers, is rolling out the third annual Vertical Industry Object Oriented Technology Symposium(OOTS) professional series. Intent on providing real implementation guidance within the burgeoning Object Oriented Technology (OOT) and Internet market, The OTG and the OOTS sponsors will be producing four vertical "interoperability roadmap" forums in the coming months focusing on the unique challenges faced in implementing distributed object computing and the internet into the enterprise;

FIN OOTS, May 29 - 30, Tarrytown, NY
(Banking, Finance and Insurance)

COMM OOTS, September 4 - 5, Princeton, NJ
(Telecom and Media) Call for Sponsors/Speakers open.

FED OOTS, December 8 - 9, Alexandria, VA
(Government, Defense/Aerospace). Call for Sponsors/Speakers.

MED OOTS, March '98, San Diego, CA (Medical and Health Care). Call for Sponsors/Speakers open.

Each of the vertical industry OOTS forums are presented in four key "steps" addressing each of the critical stages of designing, developing and deploying distributed enterprise systems:

1) Enterprise Architecture, Modeling and Design (i.e., OMT, UML, CASE, IE, BPR)

2) Enabling Technologies for Client/Server and the NET (i.e., Java, C++, Smalltalk, OORAD, Active X, Push, Browsers, HTML, HTTP, IIOP, TP Monitors)

3) Distributed Computing Infrastructure (i.e., JavaBeans, CORBA, DCE, DCOM, Message Oriented Middleware)

4) Data Management, Access and Security (ODBC, RDBMS, OODBMS, ORDMS, JDBC, Firewalls)

"You will see a lot of emphasis on the applications of methodology and process management as real world applications incorporate "objects". The OTG's approach to mapping out the software architecture in a single seminar should help make objects more digestible for IS," stated Ivar Jacobson, VP Business Engineering, Rational Software Corporation.

"The focus of the OOTS series on verticals brings objects to its logical next stage in the evolution of the objects markets," stated John Slitz, VP of Object Marketing, IBM Corporation.

Chairman of The OTG, John A. Weiler, said, "Object and Web Technology now provide the building blocks for constructing distributed information systems of the future while providing gateways to our legacy systems. This new paradigm for enterprise computing requires the use of proven OT methods and tools, with experience, knowledge and skills that make implementation successful. This educational series will provide the very best environment for system architects, consultants and business managers to successfully develop, support and deploy object technology into the mainstream of IS and the Internet".

For more information call OTG at 703-768-0400; or

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