Sun's PAS Submitter Status with ISO/IEC JTC 1 - An Update

By Richard Shippee, Publisher, UniNews online

Much has been written in the press in recent days concerning the status of Sun's application to ISO/IEC JTC 1 to be a submitter of a PAS (Publicly Available Standard) for Java. Most recently the news has centered around a "no" vote, with comments, from the US representatives to ISO/IEC. The "no" vote got all the press, while the comments accompanying the vote have not been as well publicized.

UniNews online has covered this story starting with Carl Cargill's Standards article, and Peggy King's Java One story both in the April 11 issue; followed by a statement from Sun, authored by Ken Urquhart, that appeared in the April 25 issue. Both articles ran before the US representatives "no" vote.

The ISO/IEC JTC 1 web site has the text of the decision along with the commentary and we urge UniNews online readers following this story to go to


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