Corporate Sponsors

UniForum thanks its Corporate Sponsors, who provide the knowledge, leadership and support needed to sustain an association dedicated to open systems education, promotion and adoption. We invite other companies to become Corporate Sponsors by calling (408) 986-8840, and we encourage you to visit the World Wide Web site of each of these organizations.

Systems: Servers and Workstations

Bull Worldwide Information Systems

Data General Corp.

Digital Equipment Corp.

Hewlett-Packard Co.

IBM Corp.

Motorola Computer Group

Pyramid Technology

Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Tandem Computers

Unisys Corp.

Systems: Peripherals and Devices

Computone Corp.

Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.


Systems Software (see also Systems: Servers and Workstations)

Lucent Technologies (Plan 9, Inferno)

SCO (UnixWare)

Tenon Intersystems (Macintosh)

WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. (Linux)


Oracle Corp.


Desktop and Tools
Ematek Informatik

ILOG, Inc.

Software Licensing
Elan Computer Group, Inc.

Systems Management
Cybermation, Inc. (MVS)

Platinum Technology

ENlighten Software (Unix)

Terminal Emulation

Transaction Processing

SCH Software Clearing House

Services, Organizations, Publishers

The Open Group

End-User Sponsors

AirTouch Cellular

Bank of America

Battelle Northwest Laboratory

Burlington Coat Factory

Deloitte & Touche, LLP

Department of Social Security (ITSA)

Deutsche Telekom



Enterprise Solutions Ltd.


European Telecommunications

Information Services

Finsiel S.p.A.

Globetrotter Software

Harris Corp.

Hitachi Data Systems

Hughes Information Tech. Corp.

Instruction Set, Inc.

Intellisoft Corp.

Isogon Corp.

J. P. Morgan & Co.

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

Market Vision

Micro Focus

Migration, Beratung and Training

Millipore Corp.

The MITRE Corp.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

NASA/Langley Research Center

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

NCR Corp.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

Open Horizon, Inc.

Openit Data Ab

Petrotechnical Open Software

Corp. (POSC)

The Post Office (U.K.)

Southwestern Bell

Swedish National Police Board

Swiss Federal Office of Information

Technology and Systems

Toshiba America

U.K. Ministry of Defence

U.S. Postal Service, Information Service Center

U.S. Department of Defense/DISA

Visa International

Wells Fargo Bank

X Consortium