August, 1996 UniForum's IT Solutions

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Clusters: Affordable and Available
Cluster systems offer availability and reasonable cost, but they may top out at the very high end.
by Larry Stevens

Dance of Giants Starts Slowly
Massively parallel processing (MPP) systems are starting to get together with very large databases (VLDBs).
by Philip J. Gill

Perils of Porting Applications from Unix to NT
Developers have several ways to go when faced with moving Unix applications to Windows NT. All involve trade-offs.
by David S. Linthicum

Objects Put Life into Web Sites
As Web sites move from static to active data, object-oriented software provides flexible ways to manage them.
by Don Monkerud


From the Director
A word from our Executive Director

Association News
Latest happenings in and around UniForum

Behind the News
Analysis of industry events

Information Technology Demystified
A report from our Technical Steering Committee

Inside The Open Group
A report on emerging technology and standards

Home Page
Watching the World Wide Web

Concerning Your Career
Employment tips for open systems professionals

SysAdmin Solutions
Tips for handling tasks

High Technology and the Law
A legal perspective on the open systems industry

The Analyst's Couch
Unbound opinions from industry observers


Corporate Sponsors
Current listings of vendor and end-user sponsors

Conferences, exhibitions, training and education

New Products
Latest releases for open systems

Affiliates and Alliances
The global backbone of UniForum