June, 1996 UniForum's IT Solutions

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The BPR Strike Force (187K)
These days, pilot projects must produce usable deliverables on tight schedules, while paving the way for business process reengineering.
by Bill Roberts

Sink or Swim with CTI (253K)
When enterprise planning calls for computer/telephone integration, IS professionals must rise to the challenge.
by Howard Baldwin

Wallflowers of the Web (264K)
IS and marketing departments don't always work together when their organization goes on the World Wide Web, but they ought to.
by Larry Stevens

Charting the Online Marketing Process (143K)
Effective electronic commerce requires its own marketing procedures. Here's a guide to discovering and using them.
by Ravi Kalakota and Andrew B. Whinston


From the Director (61K)
A word from our Executive Director

Association News (28K)
Latest happenings in and around UniForum

Behind the News (77K)
Analysis of industry events

Inside The Open Group (160K)
A report on emerging technology and standards

Home Page (83K)
Watching the World Wide Web

Concerning Your Career (88K)
Employment tips for open systems professionals

SysAdmin Solutions (44K)
Tips for handling tasks

High Technology and the Law (44K)
A legal perspective on the open systems industry

Open Books (50K)
Reviews of current titles on open systems subjects

The Analyst's Couch (28K)
Unbound opinions from industry observers


Corporate Sponsors
Current listings of vendor and end-user sponsors

Letters to the Editor (44K)
Reader comments and questions

Conferences, exhibitions, training and education

New Products (39K)
Latest releases for open systems

Affiliates and Alliances
The global backbone of UniForum