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One of the industry's leading periodicals, UniForum's IT Solutions, features in-depth, hands-on case study features that explain how open systems are used to solve complex computing problems. Formerly known as UniForum Monthly, UniForum's IT Solutions' focus is on the end user professional - new to open systems or an experienced UNIX user. Readers find practical advice on a wide variety of topics including integration and interoperability, training and re-training, rightsizing, client-server architectures, and networking. Look for articles that help you better use, implement or move to open systems, and for help in your career plans as an open systems professional.

UniForum's IT Solutions carries News articles, as well as a series of departments covering topics on technology, standards, member views, VARs, federal government, systems administration, and many other areas of interest.

Members may submit articles to UniForum's IT Solutions. Please send an outline of your article topic to Cedric Braun.

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