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Ruettgers, Filipowski and Kertzman to address IT challenges

Wednesday, Mar. 12
Michael C. Ruettgers, president and CEO, EMC Corp.
In his opening day address, Ruettgers will focus on major trends in technology, IT strategies and customer business issues that have driven the rising importance of storage in today's IT infrastructure. The Internet and intranets, data warehousing, electronic commerce and ever-growing customer databases are some of these key trends.

Once thought of as "peripheral," intelligent storage has become a cornerstone of many companies' IT strategies. The tremendous growth of corporate information and the number of users requiring access to that data is driving a demand for larger, faster and more functional storage systems, as well as a host of new and innovative features to handle the requirements of 7x24 availability, multiple data types and the industry's leading-edge processing technology.

Under Ruettgers' leadership, EMC, Hopkinton, MA, has become the leading supplier of intelligent disk storage systems for mainframe and open systems environments. Ruettgers joined the company in 1988 as executive VP of operations and customer service. Under his leadership, EMC's revenues have increased more than tenfold to $1.92 billion.

Wednesday, Mar. 12
Andrew "Flip" Filipowski, president, CEO and chairman of the board, Platinum Technology, Inc.
Filipowski will give a special CEO address at 12 noon, discussing issues surrounding the ultimate security solution to protect information assets. His presentation is entitled, "Enterprise Security: Critical Solutions for Success--Now and for the Future."

Flip Filipowski founded Platinum Technology, Inc. in 1987, and has served since then as its chairman, president and CEO. Platinum provides systems software solutions for managing the open enterprise environment.

Thursday, Mar. 13
Mitchell Kertzman, president and CEO, Sybase, Inc.
Mitchell Kertzman will deliver the Mar. 13 keynote address which will be directed squarely at the future of our industry, particularly the sweeping changes predicted for corporate customers of IT as they grapple with the challenges and opportunities of the Internet

"In its short lifetime, the computer industry has seen several generations of new technologies touted as revolutionizing corporate computing," says Kertzman. "First there was the mainframe, then the PC, then client/server--now the Internet. Each was thought to be a paradigm shift, when in fact these new computing models didn't replace the old ones. They integrated with them to create more diverse and distributed computing environments."

Taking this as his theme, Kertzman will assess the evolutionary progress of corporate computing platforms, including the Internet and the network computer. He will examine their integration into the enterprise and their roles in meeting--as well as shaping--the computing needs of corporate users.

Kertzman is perhaps best known to the IT industry as the founder of Powersoft, which produced the popular Windows-based client/server application development tool, PowerBuilder. He took the company public in 1993 and merged it with Emeryville, CA-based Sybase in 1995, remaining with the company and assuming the titles of president and CEO in 1996.

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