Getting Serious About Security


UniForum '97 Plenary Highlights Role of Standards


A significant Plenary address by a leading authority on Security and Standards from The Open Group will be presented at UniForum '97. This event, which is free to all registrants, begins at 12 noon on Thursday March 13th, at the Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco.

Entitled, "Getting Serious About Security: Open Standards and Procurement", the Plenary was designed by Open Group Chief Operating Officer, Allen Brown and will be led by Open Group Vice president and Chief Technical Officer, Michael Lambert. UniNews online spoke with Mr. Brown who told us about one of the thorny issue the plenary will address. "For applications to be secure, open standards should be employed in procurement. But, suppliers will continue to promote proprietary solutions unless buyers demand that products adhere to open standards."

Mr. Lambert said that, "The Plenary will be part presentation/part audience discussion with the goal of helping attendees learn what open standards exist in the enterprise and why the business case for open standards, especially in the burgeoning arena of security products, makes sense.

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