Top CIOs To Keynote at UniForum '97


Are They Getting the Solutions They Need from the Marketplace?



In a departure from the usual single presenter keynote, UniForum '97 will feature a unique CIO Panel as the Keynote Session for Friday, March 14th at UniForum '97.

Appearing on the panel will be the CIOs from some of the most respected and forward thinking companies, whose IT investment strategies can serve as models for others. Their goal at the keynote will be to report on their observations of what the marketplace is offering them today in the way of solutions, with an eye in particular on what they've seen on the UniForum '97 Show Floor. We've asked them also to prepare some thoughts on what the IT marketplace in general looks like today and to share their opinions on what is not yet being delivered and how the lack of these tools, programs hardware etc. impede their work.

Time will also be set aside for questions from the audience that will spur additional discussion among the panelists. Everyone attending UniForum '97 should make a point of listening to these experts provide their unvarnished thoughts on what solutions are out there giving them the value and productivity they need, and the ones they most need but do not have today.

Representing Burlington Coat Factory on the panel will be their CIO, Michael Prince. Mike is well known to everyone who reads the trade press as one of the most frequently sought after experts and commentators on the development and implementation of new systems for the enterprise. His dedication to UNIX as a major platform for this retail giant is also well known, but his interest in and willingness to experiment with new technology such as NT and thin clients are equally well respected. Mike is a member of UniForum's Board of Directors, serving a CFO of the organization.

Representing SCO is their CIO, Michael Tilson. Mike has a depth of experience with systems management and has been a champion of the cause of open systems for many years. He is also one of the leading critics of government intervention in the area of software access for national security reasons, arguing persuasively that such intervention will put US software export capability at a serious disadvantage. His views, as a CIO at a computer software company, will bring a vital perspective to the discussion of what's in the pipeline, as he'll have ready knowledge of many of the newest technologies that are on tap. Mike is Chairman of the UniForum Board of Directors.

Moderating this panel will be James Ware, Executive Director of the Fisher Center for Information Technology and Management at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Ware's new center is devoted to exploring the relationships among businesses and the research into technology that flourishes in academia. The Fisher Center hosts conferences and facilitates the publication of leading edge work on IT management. Jim will be the perfect host for what should be a highly stimulating, opinion-laden Keynote that will be of value to all.

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