May, 1996 UniForum's IT Solutions

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The Horrors of Systems Management
Enterprise computing makes unceasing demands on IS administrators and managers. This month we focus on three of the most threatening issues: security, data access and distributed systems performance.

Raise Shields! (204K)
Firewalls currently are one of the bulwarks of TCP/IP security. This guide offers parameters for choosing the right one.
by Rik Farrow

Attack of the Rampaging Data (182K)
Why is data growing so fast? How do you control it and get it into the hands of users who need it? Here are some answers.
by Bill Roberts

Breaking the Curse of Distributed Environments (132K)
Tuning distributed systems is a difficult task, but it can be optimized by the proper tools and management strategies.
by Don Dugdale


From the Publisher (66K)
A word from our Director of Publications

Behind the News (88K)
Analysis of industry events

Information Technology Demystified(50K)
A report from our Technical Steering Committee

Inside The Open Group (55K)
A report on emerging technology and standards

Dealing with Client/Server (50K)
Issues in purchasing and implementation

In the Public Interest(50K)
Doing business with governments

VAR Viewpoint(61K)
Reseller issues in open systems

Standards & Technology(44K)
A look behind the scenes

Open Books(44K)
Reviews of current titles on open systems subjects

The Analyst's Couch (28K)
Unbound opinions from industry observers


Corporate Sponsors
Current listings of vendor and end-user sponsors

Conferences, exhibitions, training and education

New Products(39K)
Latest releases for open systems

Affiliates and Alliances (55K)
The global backbone of UniForum