January, 1996 UniForum Monthly

Table of Contents (506 Kb)


The Enterprise Shops for Packaged Applications
As user organizations turn to packaged software to meet their enterprise computing needs, new issues arise. by Philip J. Gill (210 Kb)

Hard Questions about Lotus Notes
The popular groupware hybrid can automate many business processes, but it also brings organizational and technical challenges. by Bill Roberts

Information Throughout the Hospital
Kaiser Permanente Southern California is developing a DCE-based messaging infrastructure to link a variety of clinical information systems. by Tom Abate (342 Kb)


From the Director
A word from our Executive Director (57 Kb)

Association News
Latest happenings in and around UniForum (43 Kb)

Behind the News
Analysis of industry events (72 Kb)

Information Technology Demystified
A report from our Technical Steering Committee (136 Kb)

Dealing with Client/Server
Issues in purchasing and implementation (89 Kb)

VAR Viewpoint
Reseller issues in open systems (87 Kb)

In the Public Interest
Doing business with governments (65 Kb)

Standards & Technology
A look behind the scenes (54 Kb)

Open Books
Reviews of current titles on open systems (83 Kb)


Corporate Sponsors
Current listings of vendor and end-user sponsors (63 Kb)

Affiliates and Alliances
The global backbone of UniForum (59 Kb)

New Products
Latest releases for open systems